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Pear and Nutmeg Cake

When I was at our local fruit and veg place (‘go’ the West St shops, you rock the cheap produce) I spotted a bag of ripe pears and as on a budget decided to grab them and to make something interesting.
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Lemon Meringue Pie using Agave

Agave BakingI have been trialing Agave syrup rather than using sugar in my baking and this recipe has been an outstanding success!!

This recipe was a mix of a couple I found online, I have copied them here with the substitutions.

The meringue is an Italian one, where you heat some sugar (Agave) syrup to skin melting heat then add it to egg whites already whipped into soft peaks…it cooks the egg whites as you add it and apparently it makes a more stable meringue. I had only made the Italian version up until last weekend when I make the French style, adding sugar to beaten egg whites….I found the French version nicer for Pavlova ( with addition of vinegar to add the goo-ey-ness) but it did tend to weep more.

Maybe it is just practice…something I relish the idea of.

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