Cooking under pressure

Oh yes … The pressure cooker is back!

We have had one for a while, sitting in it’s box waiting for the love it deserves.

And today was finally the day.

At the local Farmers Market there was a stall selling goat meat, including $5 packs of belly. A light went off in my head and we bought some to try in the pressure cooker.

And OMG… Very awesome results.

The only challenge I had was not being too nervous of the pot blowing up! Oh, and adapting the recipe to suit my other halls allergies … No deadly. Night shades, chilli, dairy or any food fun it sometimes feels like!

Anyway, I found a recipe that seemed easy enough to alter here;

The only changes I made was … Reduced the oil, no tomato or chilli and adding sweet potato and chick peas.

I put the lid on with some small prayer and waited. Well, the result was amazing. The meat was fall off the bone and the taste full and rich, all in about 30 minutes!

I will now take to this new gadget with zeal and a variety of recipes!

Oh and it turned out too be about 270 calories a serve …nice one.

Activating da Almonds

I should mention up front that this endevour has not been inspired by the recent Daily Diary of Pete Evans, which caused a massive Twitter Storm … Activated Almonds has already been suggested to me by my lovely Naturopath Lindy Cook (who also runs the awesome business My Green Lunchbox creating zero rubbish lunch boxes and help schools raise money).
So disclaimer aside …. I currently have a bowl of almonds soaking up the good water, seems it is super easy to do yourself. I will let you know how they turn out.

For a how-to visit this site.

Snapper with roast beetroot and chickpea salad


All I wanted was hot chips, hot chips from the local greasy … But in an effort to regain pre-preggy healthy eating I decided to make something at home, although there was an internal tantrum at the start.

I had taken Alice to visit a seafood outlet I had been told about in Coburg. Luckily there was also a deli and fruit and veg wholesale shop in the same street. I managed to ignore the cake shop in the same strip.

The snapper was recommended and after picking up some goat feta and mint I headed home.

First I roasted the beetroot ( I wear washing up gloves when peeling and slicing) and some pumpkin.

I drained some chickpeas and finely sliced some mint, washed some salad leaves.

While the beetroot and pumpkin cool I slice potatoes and put on to boil. Also washed and dried the snapper fillet.

The beetroot salad is then put together… Adding the chickpeas, mint, beetroot, pumpkin and salad leaves. The goat feta was to be added at the last minute. Lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and salt added.

I floured the snapper and pan fried it… Mixed some whole egg mayo with parsley, lemon, capers.

The potatoes were tossed in dill and small amount of mayo to give gloss.

Turned out to be a great alternative to hot chips, and I will feel better for it.

Lemon Meringue Pie using Agave

Agave BakingI have been trialing Agave syrup rather than using sugar in my baking and this recipe has been an outstanding success!!

This recipe was a mix of a couple I found online, I have copied them here with the substitutions.

The meringue is an Italian one, where you heat some sugar (Agave) syrup to skin melting heat then add it to egg whites already whipped into soft peaks…it cooks the egg whites as you add it and apparently it makes a more stable meringue. I had only made the Italian version up until last weekend when I make the French style, adding sugar to beaten egg whites….I found the French version nicer for Pavlova ( with addition of vinegar to add the goo-ey-ness) but it did tend to weep more.

Maybe it is just practice…something I relish the idea of.

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Mini eclairs to treat mothers group

A container full of bite sized eclairs are just waiting for me to fill them … The cream is whipped into shape with vanilla and little bit of sugar… If I had not just brushed my teeth I would eat one RIGHT NOW!


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