North Cafe

Oh yes, another Melbourne cafe….but this one is a nice change…the Decaf coffee is good ( very hard to find) and I did not get a sneer when I asked for it.

They serve a small-ish menu of straigh forward breakfast food, which looked great as it went past us to other tables when deciding.

My eye was caught by the Rueben Sandwich, something I had not seen on a menu around Melbourne before.

I decided to try it, I do love the sauerkraut!! Even if it made me ill when I was in Prague…had to get used to all that Vinegar and dumplings.

This Reuben was a stylish version of the ones you find online … Which seem to be a over stuffed pile of beef and cheese, leaking over the edges, oozing in fact.

Three thinly sliced pieces of toast with very juicy corned beef and a small amount of cheese on top arrived … Not to forget the sauerkraut that was not too full of vinegar. Some small pickles with a mayo type sauce complete the picture… Even just writing this after a big meal is making me hungry.

Mr Broad Shoulders ordered a breakfast which arrived hot and exactly as asked for.

Since writing this I have been told that there is another cafe here serving the Reuben … Next stop South Melbourne!!!

Below is some info on Reuben’s

And the history of the Reuben ( according to ‘What’s Cooking America’):


One response to “North Cafe”

  1. This is the place I was telling you about.. Their Reuben is pastrami, Swiss cheese and pickle!? Lots of variations! I haven’t tried it but can highly recommend the f#@k one goat and pork me!!

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