Snapper with roast beetroot and chickpea salad


All I wanted was hot chips, hot chips from the local greasy … But in an effort to regain pre-preggy healthy eating I decided to make something at home, although there was an internal tantrum at the start.

I had taken Alice to visit a seafood outlet I had been told about in Coburg. Luckily there was also a deli and fruit and veg wholesale shop in the same street. I managed to ignore the cake shop in the same strip.

The snapper was recommended and after picking up some goat feta and mint I headed home.

First I roasted the beetroot ( I wear washing up gloves when peeling and slicing) and some pumpkin.

I drained some chickpeas and finely sliced some mint, washed some salad leaves.

While the beetroot and pumpkin cool I slice potatoes and put on to boil. Also washed and dried the snapper fillet.

The beetroot salad is then put together… Adding the chickpeas, mint, beetroot, pumpkin and salad leaves. The goat feta was to be added at the last minute. Lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and salt added.

I floured the snapper and pan fried it… Mixed some whole egg mayo with parsley, lemon, capers.

The potatoes were tossed in dill and small amount of mayo to give gloss.

Turned out to be a great alternative to hot chips, and I will feel better for it.

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