Kumo Vs Koko – Kumo wins

I have certain people in my life that I trust … when they recommend a restaurant they are pretty much spot on.

The only time this has come undone is with Koko.  I was part of a birthday celebration there a few years ago, and the food is lovely, but I was not as over the moon as I thought I should be considering the cost to dine there.

The second time I went I had the same reaction, I felt that the chef was doing a routine and as fresh as the food was, it was not really inspired.

So, I then happened to notice a Japanese ‘Tapas’ venue in East Brunswick … just down from the gorgeous SugarDough. I filed it away as somewhere to try at some stage, although it looked rather too groovy for my (at the time) new mum attire of comfy pants and tops with just a little bit of something on them at all times.

So when a date night possibility arose last week and we were looking for something other than the usual gastro pub offerings it struck me as the time to try Kumo out!

Adventures with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Although I refuse to join the Pinterest competition to have the best kids birthday cake … I do enjoy coming up with fun ideas for the kids each year … when I say ‘coming up’ it is usually trawling through images online for inspiration.

My recipe is:

  • What is the child into that year
  • Will the cake take less than an evening to make/decorate
  • Can most of the decorations be subbed for stuff at the local supermarket

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Paleo – Sex in a Pan

Trying to find new treats that are low carb … you usually end up in the Paleo section of the web.

This one from Grok Grub appealed as it had a number of layers and looks rather lush. How can you go past a recipe called Sex in a Pan!

It was pretty amazing, but so so rich … we could only have a small amount a time due to the amount of fats. We are talking Shortening, Coconut Milk, Cashew butter.

I calculated that each serve would be 148 calories … and these are small pieces, definitely a ‘sometimes’ food.

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