Adventures with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Although I refuse to join the Pinterest competition to have the best kids birthday cake … I do enjoy coming up with fun ideas for the kids each year … when I say ‘coming up’ it is usually trawling through images online for inspiration.

My recipe is:

  • What is the child into that year
  • Will the cake take less than an evening to make/decorate
  • Can most of the decorations be subbed for stuff at the local supermarket

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Paleo – Sex in a Pan

Trying to find new treats that are low carb … you usually end up in the Paleo section of the web.

This one from Grok Grub appealed as it had a number of layers and looks rather lush. How can you go past a recipe called Sex in a Pan!

It was pretty amazing, but so so rich … we could only have a small amount a time due to the amount of fats. We are talking Shortening, Coconut Milk, Cashew butter.

I calculated that each serve would be 148 calories … and these are small pieces, definitely a ‘sometimes’ food.

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