Getting my sushi on

img_2881In an effort to make the school lunches interesting I have been seeking out ideas online … and then .

my 5 year old announced that she was vegetarian … after some discussion it was agreed that she was in fact pescatarian.

I breathed an internal sigh of relief as dinner options were still coming to mind easily with seafood involved. I am not adverse to vegetarian meals and try to incorporate them (in love with the  Plenty  and Plenty More more cookbooks)

She was not tempted by sausage rolls (best in Melbourne) on day 4 … and has only amended once to say that she was a pescatarian that ate sausages once, then reverted to plain pescatarian.

Anyway … school lunches can be a bit of a challenge to keep interesting at the best of times and now with ham sandwiches out I have decided to try out … sushi!

Surprisingly easy and rather tasty (a quick YouTube search on rolling techniques) … I am hoping that the additional veg I added is eaten as readily as the prawns and smoked salmon.

These will probably last a few weeks, then on to the next lunchbox challenge.

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