Middle Street Food and Coffee

It’s how you deal with difficulty that sets you apart …

Having been told about this cafe by a friend I decided to mosey on across to Hadfield to check it out. Set in a tiny shop with enough room for a couple of tables and a window bench seat, Middle Street Food and Coffee is pleasantly decorated, including a small selection of items for sale.

I chose the meat dish of the day, noodles with crispy lamb with greens and a broth. I advised the server that I do not eat gluten (short term situation) and was advised that Quinoa noodles could be substituted so all good.

The meal comes out and the noodles are wheat … it is quickly whisked away and the quinoa noodles added … only for me to discover that they also contain wheat … Much to the surprise of the chef, who apologised profusely, saying that he would cook some more greens.

I was happy with the meal without the noodles and proceeded to enjoy it. The chef then brought out some more vegetables, grilled and wrapped in a rice paper sheet.

To call them simply ‘more veg in rice’ would be doing them a diservice, they had full flavour and were perfectly cooked.

The lamb dish itself was soooo delicious, the broth came in a separate teapot for you to pour over the meal as you liked. I polished off the whole pot with relish. There were two kinds of lamb, some meat ‘pulled’ style and some crispy cooked lamb ribs which I am still drooling over.

Even with the hiccups with my meal, I was so impressed with the food and especially in how the issue was dealt with. Things happen, mistakes are made, but it is how a business deals with it that matters.

On the way out I noticed the Sunday roast poster and am trying to plan which Sunday we can make it back … hopefully as the weather gets better the outside tables can be utilised in comfort.

I did head back a couple of days later with my 4 1/2 year old to try out breakfast. We were the only diners at the 8am opening time but a steady stream of coffee punters kept the place feeling busy.

My daughter was very keen on a dish we had tried in Canberra of green eggs and ham … and when she asked for it Middle Street Food were happy to make a version for her, going out of their way to make our experience a nice one.

I am happy to see such a nice little place in the West Street shop precinct, where it can be a little patchy.


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