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Paleo – Sex in a Pan

Trying to find new treats that are low carb … you usually end up in the Paleo section of the web.

This one from Grok Grub appealed as it had a number of layers and looks rather lush. How can you go past a recipe called Sex in a Pan!

It was pretty amazing, but so so rich … we could only have a small amount a time due to the amount of fats. We are talking Shortening, Coconut Milk, Cashew butter.

I calculated that each serve would be 148 calories … and these are small pieces, definitely a ‘sometimes’ food.

Paleo chocolate mousse

So very simple … So very yummy … The only trick with the paleo stuff is the high fat content … My opinion is that you really need to follow it most/all of the time otherwise if you eat carbs plus the coconut milk/ avocado raw foods you are likely to stack on weight.

But as a treat … Currently chilling in fridge … I bring you …


Plenty of Joy

I have fallen a little in love … With a cookbook … Plenty.

It is vegetarian but feels very sumptuous and just reading the recipes gives you the dribbles.

As mentioned previously we are reducing our red meat consumption in our house, for a number of reasons.

We have had a growing education and awareness of the practices employed and the treatment of the animals in the slaughter and processing of meat. Our other reasons are environmental concerns regarding the deforesting of large areas to cater for cattle production and general personal health.

This book has given us so many lovely options and new ideas. It can be challenging converting some to cater for my other half’s dietary restrictions such as no deadly nightshades, dairy, chilli … Well you get the idea. He usually gets the basic version before a the fun stuff is added … Or missed out completely and an alternative option created.

I am flexible but there are some things you should not mess with, like how can you leave the feta out if spinach pie … And do not try to tell me soy cheese is a good alternative.

I will add in new recipes as we try them, if I can get a photo before it is gobbled up.

Tofu is edible


In an effort to cut down red meat we have been experimenting with tofu and the like … I was rather happy with this tonight.

Kale with satay tofu and Slim Pasta noodles … Huge bowl = under 350 calories and minimal carbs.

Harold Holt – out of the drink

By pure chance I discovered that there is a new kid on the block (notice hipster 90s reference) whilst out walking one lunch last week.

The Harold Holt Espresso Bar has been open for 6 weeks now, taking over from the old Boat Restaurant.

First test was the purchase a coffee … there is some stiff competition in the area and I was hopeful it would work out well … mostly as it is about a half block walk from work.

I was advised by Todd, the barista, that the blend was from Zest and was a mixed blend with a slightly acidic edge, rather than single origin. They use A2 milk which was good news for me also.

Toby was right, the coffee was on the bitter side in taste with a definite acidic edge.

So, decent coffee = tick

Next trip will be for breakfast, which I take very very seriously.  I will report back.

You can read about the cafe on their Facebook Page

One item of note: It looks like the new owners have taken over the old Facebook page and also Twitter account, there are reviews from before the Harold Holt had a soft launch in June, there are tweets under the Tweitter account BoatRestaurant that are the same as are posted on the Harold Holt Facebook page … and the old Boat Website is still up and running. Does make me wonder whether there are truly new owners or this is a re-brand … will investigate.


Update: 21/08/13


Harold Holt Espresso Bar

The Toastie

First food tasting this morning … the chef very kindly made me a traditional toastie off menu and to my specs … it is everything you would want, buttery bread, good quality ham and cheese (but not too overpowering). This will see me through to lunch, although a gym session might be needed at some point, this is not a low fat option!

I have been assured that the owners are new and there is no re-branding occurring and they are the same owners of the popular Kew Cafe Percy’s Aeroplane, read the reviews here.


Coconut Water

The new ‘thing’ to drink … Coconut water is meant to be great for hydration. Read about it here

I was very sceptical until my naturopath mentioned it was worth trying out … and I trust her opinion. So off I went to purchase my first bottle.  After chilling it as suggested I took a long draft … and almost lost my lunch.

I have no idea who could drink this stuff, it left the oddest taste ! I have tried three different brands and have the same reaction to all … looks like I will be stuck with plain water (unless I go the Alkalised water route, doubt it!).

Read about it on Choice here.

Lemon Meringue Pie using Agave

Agave BakingI have been trialing Agave syrup rather than using sugar in my baking and this recipe has been an outstanding success!!

This recipe was a mix of a couple I found online, I have copied them here with the substitutions.

The meringue is an Italian one, where you heat some sugar (Agave) syrup to skin melting heat then add it to egg whites already whipped into soft peaks…it cooks the egg whites as you add it and apparently it makes a more stable meringue. I had only made the Italian version up until last weekend when I make the French style, adding sugar to beaten egg whites….I found the French version nicer for Pavlova ( with addition of vinegar to add the goo-ey-ness) but it did tend to weep more.

Maybe it is just practice…something I relish the idea of.

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