Plenty of Joy

I have fallen a little in love … With a cookbook … Plenty.

It is vegetarian but feels very sumptuous and just reading the recipes gives you the dribbles.

As mentioned previously we are reducing our red meat consumption in our house, for a number of reasons.

We have had a growing education and awareness of the practices employed and the treatment of the animals in the slaughter and processing of meat. Our other reasons are environmental concerns regarding the deforesting of large areas to cater for cattle production and general personal health.

This book has given us so many lovely options and new ideas. It can be challenging converting some to cater for my other half’s dietary restrictions such as no deadly nightshades, dairy, chilli … Well you get the idea. He usually gets the basic version before a the fun stuff is added … Or missed out completely and an alternative option created.

I am flexible but there are some things you should not mess with, like how can you leave the feta out if spinach pie … And do not try to tell me soy cheese is a good alternative.

I will add in new recipes as we try them, if I can get a photo before it is gobbled up.

3 responses to “Plenty of Joy”

  1. I love this book too! We have a tag full of the recipes we’ve tried on our blog. What’s your favourite so far?

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Hmmm favourite one … Maybe the Grape leaf pie or the eggplant sauce with home made Polenta. ( which is more like creamed corn). Yours?

      1. We’ve made the mango-coconut-rice salad, sweet-potato-Persian lime-quinoa salad and green couscous a lot, particularly to share at barbecues and potlucks. Otherwise I’m very fond of the black pepper tofu.

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