Jackson Dodds…..there is hope at our end of town!

Having moved to the north of Coburg not long ago, I have been missing the ability to walk to a nice cafe that we had in Kew.

We have been travelling as far as we need to to find decent coffee and food for brekky on the weekends and were very excited to hear of Jackson Dodds….just across the creek!

We finally found the place, if you are driving by it can be hard to spot with the end of the tram line just in front….but happily found a park and headed in to sample.

Ordering coffee we settled in to read the menu, there are the usual eggs etc but with some nice alternatives including Pea and Haloumi fritters….which I ordered.

The coffee took a while to arrive, although I think that had more to do with staff not being on deck at the time.

The food was faster and mine was lovely and exactly as I thought…I had ordered a side of scrambled egg and this was cooked perfectly.

My brekky partner had eggs and sausage, with the sausage looking a little sorry for itself on the plate, not the usual fat ones you see at most places. They tasted good on all accounts though and there was silence as we worked our way through our meals.

The people sharing the space were a mix of locals there for take away coffee and bacon + egg rolls and families enjoying some time out…..the number of prams at that time of morning was a good sign we were right to go early, it could get hectic at full capacity + children.

With the weather warming up the outside tables will be a nice place to read the paper.

A great addition to the area and I look forward to making it more of a habit in the future.

Here is the review in The Age.

One response to “Jackson Dodds…..there is hope at our end of town!”

  1. Having moved from the CBD to Coburg earlier in the year, Jackson Dodds has been a lovely find. When we first went we were quite impressed that we wanted to order nearly everything on the menu!

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