D.O.C – good Italian in Carlton…who knew?

I tend to avoid the city end of Lygon St due to the large number of tourist stalking ‘Italian’ eateries….Balzari you are the exception….but was told of a place to try for really great Pizza.

Not usually a pizza eater I was only tempted due to my current morning sickness only being tamed with large amounts of Carbohydrates….so thought if I was going to eat carbs I may as well do it with some style.

Denominazione O’origine Controllata D.O.C for short……is at 295 Drummond, a little corner place with simple style.

As soon as I saw the range of Bufallo Mozzarella I was a fan….although not able to eat it cold at the moment, I have this place marked as one to go to as soon as bubs is out.

The Pizza range is a simple one, and before ordering I saw many pass by our table and could see that the ingredients are not overloading the base…..always a nice sign.

I ordered the Wild Mushroom pizza, with extra Buffalo Mozzarella cooked on top ( hey, I had to have some any way I could). My dining companions ordered a Sausage pizza and my husband the capricciosa without cheese, which they were willing to do regardless of the note on the menu stating no changes allowed.

The service was fast and helpful, and the food arrived in a timely manner, the place was really full and the noise levels rose steadily, but it was not intrusive.

My pizza was really reall good, a nice spread of Sugo with tasty wild mushrooms….topped with Truffle oil and the cheese. It was HUGE but as it was not covered with too much topping it was manageable.

We still had a little room for some dessert…..husband chose the Gelati mix and I shared a nutella Calzone with Vanilla bean icecream. I would like it noted that I happen to think that Nutella is good hot with almost anything….banana and Nutella jaffles being one of my favourite things.

The calzone did not disappoint and we all shared it in the end, it being way too large for one to polish off.

A really pleasant find in a usually barren section of Carlton for foodies.

Another review to convince you

Visit Urban Spoon to view the menu

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