The Post Office Hotel

There is not much in the way of interesting food out in Fawkner……me, being used to Kew, have been taking some time to get used to the travel involved in getting anywhere that I consider decent!

But, it seems if I wait long enough places will come to me!

The Post Office Hotel Sunday Roast
Roast Baby Chicken with bad ass bacon and beets

One such place that has been opened a while, but the kitchen only opening more recently, is The Post Office Hotel in Coburg.

Recently reviewed in The Age we were alerted to the kitchen now being open and headed down there for a try.

We arrived very early forour booking in the restaurant section and they tried to accomodate us but were up front about the table on offer not being in a good position. We decided to wait and they had us seated a little before our planned booking time.

After a small shakey start in the service things settled down well.

We ordered a selection of dishes to share ( how they do it ) and took advice on appropriate number of dishes from the staff.

Unfortunatly my mother found a hair in her portion and it was mentioned ( quietly). The response was appropriate and a number of drinks were discretely removed from our bill at the end.

The food was really amazing, the selection we had included:

– Smoked ox tongue kebaps, pickled cucumber, spiked herb yoghurt ( I was comparing it to my Great Aunt’s)
– Twice cooked poussin, Moroccan carrot – blossom stuffing, tumeric salt rub
– Tea steamed snapper fillets, sour cherry–rose pilaf, crunchy lotus flower
– Roasted cashew and cauliflower crumble
– Sweet spiced smashed potatoes

The dishes are not stingy nor piled high, they sit in lovely repose on their plates, awaiting portioning and devouring!

We were up for some dessert and ordered to share:

– Hot date doughnuts with spiced chocolate sauce
– Whipped yoghurt brulee with berberis nut crunch

The staff were knowledable on the food and wine to match…..They worked with my limitations on food due to being pregnant with senstivity even making me a Mocktail when they offered us some dessert wine on the house.

We felt welcomed and not rushed, the food an atmosphere was rather spectacular and we will be back there as much as possible.

As well as the restaurant The Post Office Hotel offers a front bar menu, which offers equally excellent food…. I have eaten there three times this week alone.

The menu changes on a regular basis and the staff are all keen to discuss elements and new dishes available.

The front bar and beer garden are both excellent places to take children and they are welcomed without fuss ( mental note for the future).

Go, go there a lot…..

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