+39 Pizza

Amongst the hustle of Hardware Lane it is hard to find somewhere that is authentic and delivers decent food.

+39 Pizza almost makes it, almost.

We booked a large table the day after they re-opened for the year, it was to celebrate my last day before maternity leave so it was a work event.

Unfortunately the day was terribly humid and sticky, not made any easier with the lack of air conditioning and the seats placed so closely together that we were arm to arm all along the table…..and asking to add one more table to off more room was met with little help.

We were not the only ones though as the large table next to us were in the same position.

This did not put me in a relaxed frame of mind as I think that kind of greed in an eatery as being a pretty poor act towards clientele who are there to enjoy a pleasant meal, not fight for elbow room. People will not come back if they feel like cattle.

The menu has a decent selection of traditional fare and it arrived in ok time, although not at the same time, causing those polite “start without me” comments as people without their food watched with envy those who were able to start eating.

My classic Capricciosa pizza was fine, nothing spectacular, but the base was very nice and light.

The staff were friendly and our drinks arrived without fuss and quickly.

I will probably go there again if in the need of some Italian in town, but would avoid the usual lunchtime hours as it really is very noisy and cramped in peak times.

Here is a review by The Age.

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