Little Deer Tracks

A new cafe near our house, something to celebrate! And it is vegetarian, without parading it .. there are just no meat options on the menu.

It is mostly Italian inspired food, with the usual breakfast fare, eggs with spinach etc.

The food is enjoyable without being mind blowing, the space is easy to navigate with a pram ( for our new addition) and the staff are happy to accomodate you with above mentioned item.

The Eggplant pasta is cooked well, the sauce rich and tomato strong but the eggplan balls are a little dry and tasteless.

The menu is VERY carb heavy, not much choice if you are not into pasta for lunch.

I enjoy eating at Little Deer Tracks but I think they will need to rotate the menu on a regular basis to keep things fresh….and it would be a good idea to rethink how much butter and oil is used, it can be pretty heavy going.

44 O’hea st
Coburg, 3058

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