Hardware Societe

This is a very overdue review. I ate at this cafe almost daily when I was pregnant and I miss it almost every day since leaving work in the city to have Alice. I would sit at the long bench at the back, as it was always so busy, and would read my books on…

Pear and Nutmeg Cake

When I was at our local fruit and veg place (‘go’ the West St shops, you rock the cheap produce) I spotted a bag of ripe pears and as on a budget decided to grab them and to make something interesting.

Lemon Meringue Pie using Agave

I have been trialing Agave syrup rather than using sugar in my baking and this recipe has been an outstanding success!! This recipe was a mix of a couple I found online, I have copied them here with the substitutions. The meringue is an Italian one, where you heat some sugar (Agave) syrup to skin…

North Cafe

Oh yes, another Melbourne cafe….but this one is a nice change…the Decaf coffee is good ( very hard to find) and I did not get a sneer when I asked for it. They serve a small-ish menu of straigh forward breakfast food, which looked great as it went past us to other tables when deciding….

Hellenic republic revisited

We went back…. After trying the breakfast at Hellenic over a year ago we had not been back. But for my birthday this year Greg took me there as a treat … And it was really lovely. We had simple fare, poached eggs with sides of sausage, bacon and chickpea and tomato stew with feta…

Mini eclairs to treat mothers group

A container full of bite sized eclairs are just waiting for me to fill them … The cream is whipped into shape with vanilla and little bit of sugar… If I had not just brushed my teeth I would eat one RIGHT NOW!