Maedaya japanese

Last week myself and the evil twin went to try Maedaya, 400 Bridge Rd Richmond, 9428 3918.

This is a Saki and yakitori grill, with a seriously funky fit-out. It is booked solid most of the week, so we ended up perched on the bench besides the grill. This ended up being a great spot, besides the freezing air that swept across us whenever the door was opened.

The staff are charming and the food is really nice, fresh and very cheap.

As you can read in The Age review, we had most of what was recommended there also. The tofu steaks were really lovely as was the Calamari. I had a little pork belly which was grilled and very tasty.

I would recommend that you book ahead so you can at least sit further from the door in winter.

We did not try the Saki this time around, personally I am not a fan as it gets me too drunk to fast….and this was a school night so it was best that I kept my wits about me.

One response to “Maedaya japanese”

  1. ahhghhrlllhhghh, tofu steaks… pork belly…
    Photos, Lady, gimme photos!

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