Knead Bakery

This is a French Bakery on Burwood Rd in Hawthorn…..I have been there for breakfast on the weekends off and on for a while now.

They offer really nice basic eggs and bacon, but also more traditional French fare as well, if you are up to that rich food in the mornings.

The one quirky thing about this eatery is the bathroom upstairs, a HUGE room that looks like you have popped into someone’s house off the street.

They have recently upgrade the interior, which looks good, except for the choice of photos on the wall. I am not too sure what the aim was but the quality of the images is not high and the food has ended up looking somewhat insipid and slightly odd in them.

The coffee is nice here also, and they sell Gluten free bread, also available with breakfast. It is popular with mums and prams….which can make things a little crowded sometimes.

I think the baby boom of late has made visiting the local haunt a little  more challenging, maybe I am just noticing them more, but there are A LOT of small people running around cafes at the  moment….


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