Having enjoyed many a lovely meal at Svago in Kew it was with great interest that I read in The Age of a recently opened Italian in Fitzroy that was compared favourably to above mentioned Svago. As my diet is now limited due to being pregnant I am keen to try as many new places…

Svago – ah Svago

Italian Tapas….. small plates of very very good food highest quality produce staff who know what they are talking about wide wine list

Knead Bakery

This is a French Bakery on Burwood Rd in Hawthorn…..I have been there for breakfast on the weekends off and on for a while now. They offer really nice basic eggs and bacon, but also more traditional French fare as well, if you are up to that rich food in the mornings.

Maedaya japanese

Last week myself and the evil twin went to try Maedaya, 400 Bridge Rd Richmond, 9428 3918.

tea smoked salmon

This was a new dish for me to try….and I chose to do so on a Saturday night for my mother and aunt….risky yes…but sometimes you have to get the drama where you can.

the plan

this is our place to enter all of our information on food around the world…..places to eat, what to cook, ideas and event based eating! zoe and chris this first image is of our lovely nibbles once we had settled into our holiday house in Martinborough, a short drive from Wellington….over a very windy mountain…