A new Yum Cha place found on the weekend, Plume at Doncaster.

I had been told about this place by Karl from REA over the years, and have just never made it out to Doncaster to try it out….to be honest, my memories of Doncaster Shopping Centre were so yuck that I had been put off for a long time.

But, I was out there last weekend to look at the new fit-out and decided to pop in to Plume to try the Yum Cha.

We got there after 2 and it was nice and quiet. The decor is more posh than our usual Box Hill place, Fu Long. The service was fast and the food really hot, they also knew what I was talking about when i asked for the Chinese Doughnut wrapped in rice noodle sheets…..

The food was pretty reasonable price-wise also, except they added tea on to the bill and we had to point out that we did not have any tea ( had a long drive in the afternoon, thought it would be prudent not to drink a diuretic ).

There is one dessert I have been missing lately though, and that is the cold Sago in coconut milk, it is sweet and refreshing at the same time. I used to have this at the only Yum Cha place in Canberra when I was growing up, Peking House. They were nice about not having and mentioned that it might be available at a korean place across the road.

So all round it was good to find a new place, and it is not that far out really…..just down the highway.

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