Bouzy Rouge

I have a soft spot for this place, h2b and I went there on the night he proposed….although it did not happen during dinner but before in the spare room at home out of the blue.

Anyway, we had eaten here before and decided it was a perfect place to celebrate a very special event…With no booking, and fingers crossed, we turned up. Luckily we were shown a table immediately, with a glass of bubbles each on the house.

As we had eaten there before and we always had the same thing, we went with the familiar.

We shared a Charcuterie Plate plate to start. This collection of house prepared and cured meats is out of this world, and we also enjoy each bite. Lucky for me h2b cannot eat dairy so I always end up with the Pate, which is very rich and worth eating slowly.

The bread to start is lovely, crispy on the outside and light inside, it is served with a bean puree rather than the usual olive oil.

I then ordered the Suckling Pig which is not on the menu but has always been on the specials list when we have visited previously. It has the cracking for crunch and the meat is very tender. I always ask for no potatoes and they are willing to help me out by adding green Veg instead.

h2b had the seafood pasta, Linguine Marinara, without the chilli. He always enjoys this and is well fed afterwards….but we could not go past the dessert options on hand.

The gelato selection suits h2b perfectly, and I went for a couple of cheese options.

The experience was, as usual, a satisfying and happy meal. The room ambiance is not too crowded ( we always request the small table in an alcove where people are not walking past), although when a few drinks are consumed the volume does go up substantially.

I would recommend sitting outside in the summer months, I would imagine that the main dining area will heat up with the summer.

They also offer an upstairs function area that we did look at for our wedding, but it is not big enough to sit 60 people, but for a stand up cocktail party it would suit well.

Check it out:

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