Svago – ah Svago

Italian Tapas…..

small plates of very very good food

highest quality produce

staff who know what they are talking about

wide wine list

Across the road from my favourite Vietnamese, San Choi, in High St Kew there used to be a restaurant…called Baraka.

I used to look across at the usually empty windows and wonder how they kept going without the people to serve! Well…they then closed….

But in it’s place an amazing replacement has arisen!

Svago, which means relaxation or pastime in Italian. You can stay here for hours enjoying small morsals or slightly larger plates.

There is no need to add anything to this food, the quality of the produce and the method of cooking makes each mouthful something to be savoured.

I have been three times now, once a week almost since they opened and have found new tastes to try each time. The warm welcome is great and they have  never faltered on the wine recommendations.

I usually steer clear of dessert but the lemon pudding is not too sweet or too large.

It can be expensive, over the three times i have been there it has cost between $65 and $90 a head….usually it is the wine that puts you over the edge on the bill.

I am planning another trip there as soon as I can make it, or justify it to my budget, and look forward to seeing their plans for a courtyard pizza oven and new menu items appearing.

Now my avocado half does not look so appealing any more.


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